WEC Projects Details:

WEC will have 28 (Twenty eight) different projects at a single space, under one roof. Each of the projects will be a state of art infrastructure with the enormous Education facilities. Details of each project is given as under:

University,Colleges,Institutions,Training Centers:

To provide the better services to Education community & international guest on time to time, WEC includes a mega campus of university, college, institution with all advance education facilities. Center will support all WEC ’s activities & will give a complete combination to the Education.

A place where all the Education activities, accommodation, Libraray, play zone, cafeteria, Food center, shopping center, WI-F zone at one tips to provide the world class educational facilities.


WEC Education Building/Tower:

WEC will have twins WEC Education towers to serve the student community of various field course. This Education tower will have the different Education related facilities for under graduate to post graduate courses, hostel with all modern facilities, library with all international books/generals, Shopping center, sports center, student exchange center, Info center, corporate relationship center. Education Tower will have space for various government departments, export promotion bodies, business support organizations, importers-exporters, WEC Education Tower will invite students/people from all Education communities where they can get the world class Education.

WEC Club:

World Education Center Club is a very major component of WEC, WEC club means a place for student/parents community to meet, to exchange their future plans, ideas, to celebrate their success, to identify new courses, to discuss their education plan. WEC club will contain various membership options that will include student membership, corporate membership, individual membership, institutional membership, companies in the region, prominent personalities of the region…etc.

WEC Club will have the best facilities related to education information as well as essential facilities:

A complete meeting hall with catering operation.

A library and Main restaurant with tasteful furnishing.

  • Smaller rooms for private discussion/meeting.
  • Tools to communicate with member (newsletter, etc)
  • Special Events & programs for members.

Student Exchange Center:

The WEC provides a unique student exchange opportunity with its global networking programs. Calling students from the rest of the world to your premises and sending your own students to other parts of the world creates a truly global learning environment.
WEC member institutions can arrange a student exchange program to suit their course schedule and timing for academic sessions.

WEC-Student Information Center:

WEC Student Information center will again a unique feature to facilitate the information required by it’s students, it’s members, by local government or any institution. Information will in three category :

  1. General Information: Information about various courses, scholarship, higher education, placement market conditions, channels of scholarships, student mission & seminars.
  2. Education Specific Data: These includes student statistics, business opportunities, invitation by students, market survey & company list ..etc.
  3. Technical Data: details on foreign & local regulations such as admissions, laws, insurance.

WEC Convention Center:

Ultra Modern & First Convention Center of the state, with all basic facilities to organize any exhibition, show or any event. WEC Convention center should fulfill the need of hour. Min. 15000 sqft display area with various facilities should be the major attraction for the student as well as business community.

Convention Center will also help you to organize national as well int’l exhibition & educational program this activity will directly boost the revenue of the university and corporate culture at their premises.


Int’l Meeting/seminar/conference center:

A well-quipped conference hall with all ultra modern facilities for conference & seminars.

WEC World Education CARD division for the global student.

WEC World Education card is an advanced e-commerce network that electronically links students, universities, Hostels, financial institution & other parties to an international student transition, enabling them to conduct the process in one seamless loop. Generally Student card is used for the online transaction for international admissions, library, air fare discounts, which will again be a major beneficial component for the student community.

Mega Shopping MALL:WEC Online:

WTC consists the biggest & the largest shopping Mall of the city. Major showrooms will demonstrate the quality product representing various famous brands, shopping mall will have the connectivity with the tourist towers and the central mall. WTC owner may also request the state government for the tax free zone for some products.

WEC Online:

WEC On-Line is the latest internet premier destination for the education that want to succeed on international arena. , members can find the latest news & information that can help them to grow their education and placement.

On-line information system to all the WEC members in the state will offer the following facilities:

  1. Int’l company information.
  2. WEC A on-line catalogs.
  3. Educational/Business research & news.
  4. Student data base, Faculty information
  5. Corporate Management .
  6. Entrepreneurships, Patent & copyright.
  7. industry & market information.

WEC University:

The best & the multifunctional education provided by WEC which is recognized & started by people is also proposed in WEC University . WEC university will offer the wide range of courses & the internationally recognized programs for the students/professionals/working employees in the state. Wide range of courses & it’s uniqueness will be the first of it’s own kind in the state.

Shopping Center:

WEC concept consists a shopping Mall in the campus with sevral brands, shopping mall will have the connectivity with the Education towers/building. WEC

Corporate park:

Again the unique concept of Corporate park for various industry sectors , that will act as a supplement in education. Corporate activities at the campus will enable the students to understand the future prospects of placements and training.
Corporate park will invite the top brands to open up- their show rooms at the premises. Park will also call the local manufacturers to have their units/offices.

2- 3 screen Multiplex with showroom & a food court will have a great experience for the visitors and WEC ’s students/members.

Food Court :

Taste from all the states, restaurants will consist the variety of food offering the taste of many states

More than 25 projects under one BRAND

  • University,Colleges,Institutes
  • WEC Club
  • Global Networking Center
  • Students Exchange Center
  • Int'l Certification Cell
  • Global Training & Research Center
  • Global Advisory Board
  • WEC Convention Center
  • Corporate park
  • Shopping MALL
  • Multiplex
  • Food Court
    and meny more...