Major Activities of WCE round the WORLD:

The WEC helps you to ensure that the activities at your institution are truly International, offering many services and opportunities for international development:

  • Networking among Universities, Institutions & Students between your WEC & other WEC around of the world.
  • Tie-ups and collaboration between educators, institutions & universities on global scale.
  • Student exchange programs for short & long term programs.
  • Information exchange among institutions, so as to equip them to meet international standards.
  • Educational reports on various untapped regions for setting up new ventures in many different countries.
  • Organizing seminars & conferences for the betterment of the education industry.
  • Organizing chairman/CEO networking meets between universities/institutions once a year at various locations around the world.
  • Organizing global training & tour programs for the students of various universities/institutions.
  • Inviting Educationists, Corporate Advisors and Consultants to your institution from different parts of the world.


And Many other activities that can help your institution to become a real Global educational place.

We appreciate the interests from the Institutions who have the similar mindsets and expansion plans as per the WEC working process.

Networking,Tie-ups,Students Exchange..

Infomation Exchange,Meets,Global Training...