Use the WEC iconic property and brand to Attract Students and enhance the value of your Place.

Prestigious Brand

  • Competitive advantage and differentiation by naming your College/Institution/Universities 'World Education Center'
  • Attract high numbers of admission, premium Fee for student services, high ranked students.
  • Research indicates that a WEC facility commands a fee premium and higher utilization rates.
  • Achieve higher occupancy rates in comparison to local competition.
  • Get the level of highly recognizable WEC property.
  • Become a EXCLUSIVE identity for owning the brand of “WORLD EDUCATION CENTER” in your city.
  • Get the higher Fee/admissions.
  • A LANDMARK in your city to get student straightway toward your INSTITUTION.

Interconnectivity With Other WEC ’s:

  • Enter new markets quickly and without excessive investment by making your WEC your 'outsourced international business department'
  • Student exchange, like your students may like to visit/training in other WEC situate in a different county same way get the students from other WEC visiting to your place.
  • Customized student matchmaking and promote your Institution through other WEC ’s by the interconnectivity of all WEC ’s situated in other part of the world.
  • Boosts revenues by hosting on-site international events and programs.

Global Network

  • The 'secret sauce' of our model of reciprocity so when you join one WEC , you become a member of the Global network.
  • Report higher business confidence knowing you have a global network of like- minded international connections.
  • Reduce the time and costs of identifying and securing the admissions/service providers
  • Strengthen your community position by becoming a model for success through international growth.
  • Global connectivity with other Universities & WEC ’s enables admission inflow by automated roots.

One place for all education & training, One Place for global student, Global connectivity, all at one place.

Unique Brand, exclusively with you in your city :

  • As an organization we allow only one World Education Center each city, if you are able to grab the opportunity your College/Institution/University will enjoy this exclusivity.
  • Uniqueness of this Brand per city will enable your place automatically a known address.

Being an organization dedicated to serving the education industry, the WEC is beneficial to the universities, institutions, B-Schools and Technical Institutions that are trying to adopt a cross cultural environment at their premises. Institutions looking for global expansion in their courses, programs, off campus studies, student exchange programs and student’s Int’l Training/Tours may become a member of WEC to get such benefits..

Shock the city by having WEC Brand with you

International Tie-Ups, Collaborations & Joint Ventures for various educational Activities

Entry in new and untapped regions & educational markets. 

Global endorsement that will help institutions to attract greater number of students.

Global Connectivity through various networking events and activities

Help to overcome local competition with other institutions.


EXCLUSIVE identity of “WORLD EDUCATION CENTER” in the city