WEC has formed a Global Advisory Board to facilitate its activities & objectives. To achieve its goal, the Advisory Board is nominated by the board members. Each advisory board member brings something unique to the program. Some members will take responsibility for specific tasks, other members will not be able to accept specific responsibilities, but will attend meetings and provide valuable input. Others may not be able to attend many meetings, but have good contacts or can carry out specific functions independently.

Some board members may not be able to attend meetings or take any specific responsibilities, yet their support, even if in name only, may be important because it lends credibility to the project.

Advisory Board Responsibilities
Advisory boards do not have any legal authority, therefore all of their responsibilities are assigned at the discretion of the executive director and/or board of directors. Responsibilities assigned to an advisory board may include any or all of the following.

  • Program Creation and Planning.
  • Development of Program Policy.
  • Planning and Implementing Public Relations.
  • Other Tasks.



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