World Education Center membership includes Primary Members, Associate Members, and Affiliate Members using the brand of WEC, representing the private sector Institutions, Colleges, Universities, Training Centers, Organisations running the similar business activities.

Process to get membership is in many fold you can go step by step:

  1. Expression Of Interest: Universities, Institutions & Colleges may become members of the WEC by filing an application to the Approval Board. Institutions need to furnish the details of the institution, their past record, any affiliated bodies and most importantly a note about their desire to contribute to the global map.
  2. WEC Approval Board consideration: The Board may consider applications as per each region’s minimum yearly quota. After approval from the WEC board, Institutions are required to take membership with the limited options. WEC approval board consists educational experts/educationists that is formed by us on time to time or case to case basis, institutions are required to pay a one time membership fee and yearly charges.
  3. WEC Expert visit: In some cases expert visit may required as per the Approval Board recommendations. After the experts site visit report & suggestion approval board may ask to have curtain minimum facilities at particular premises.


  4. Institutions that fail to get the WEC board approval for membership cannot apply for a minimum of two year if rejection is due to the facilities, qualities and standards of the institution.

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If you are a ...

Private Education Business Owner

  • University
  • Institution (affiliated with any body)
  • College
  • Training Center (affiliated with any body)
  • Education Park

Govt. Agency

  • Responsible for Education promotion
  • Runing A University/College
  • Runing Education Zone

An Individual

  • Individual Membership
  • Can Apply for "World Education Card"