Role of Government & other Institutions: Expectations from the government:

Since a WEC is meant to boost the over all economy of the state so the Role of government is very essential for the setting up a WEC in the state. As WEC is contains a huge infrastructure with several educational related services, it’s need to have a the proper support from the local government. A WEC can only achieve it’s goals to boost the state’s economy when it is properly supported by the local govt.

In most of the WEC’s all around world are being supported by their government itself or various other institutions to up lift their economy. As a WEC plays a major role to create an environment for global education in the state with many of its activities so the role of government becomes very necessary.

Government’s role can be in various folds:

  1. By providing all necessary infrascture support to build a WEC, that may include land, electricity, connectivity, water supply & other permissions as & when required.
  2. By proving the financial grants/aid/ loans. Establishing a WEC is always very expensive affair for any organization & to fulfill all it’s objectives it becomes very necessary to have the financial support from Govt’s side.
  3. By taking the major space on rental of the building, which can also help the promoter. Govt. can instruct few govt./educational departments to have their offices at the WEC premises.
  4. By offering Tax benefits for educational activities at the WEC premises.
  5. By offering the services/exemptions as provided to Special Economic Zone/export promotion zone/software Technology Park.
  6. By offering the soft loans to the organization/companies who wish to have offices/premises at WEC.

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